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Accounting Services in Russia

Setting Up a Business in Russia

Setting Up a Business in Russia

Setting up a business in Russia 

LowLands Accounting Services has a great experience in supporting foreign companies starting their business in Russia. Together with our in-house partner Juralink Legal Services we have assisted many foreign investors with structuring and setting up their presence in Russia.

Based on your decision, our partner-lawyers will arrange for the set up of your representation office or legal entity, including all registrations. Your company will be delivered ready to start business. This minimizes your time involved in the set up and allows you to focus on the commercial aspects of business.

Turn-key company registration

Our turn-key company registration in Russia includes:

  • Consulting on the optimal legal form

  • Advising on business financing options

  • Consulting on the required documents and information

  • Compiling and reviewing the documents required for registration

  • Preparation of articles of association, foundation protocol and an agreement a

  • Preparation of necessary powers of attorney

  • Opening a temporary bank account for share capital

  • Mandatory registration with the tax authority, state funds and statistics agency

  • Obtaining registration certificates

  • Obtaining the company stamp

  • Opening bank accounts in Russia

Optional Services

Optional services provided through our partnership with Juralink Legal Services:

  • A temporary general director / management company

  • A legal address or office space in our premises

Once your Russian business is set up and all registrations have been finished, LowLands Accounting Services will immediately start filing the required obligatory statutory reporting, making sure you will meet all local requirements from day one.


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