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Tax Reporting & Compliance

Tax Reporting & Compliance in Russia

According to Russian law, all business entities are required to submit reports in a timely manner to meet the relevant requirements of the tax regime under which they operate. Errors or delays in submission of such reports to the state authorities may result in undesired and rather unpleasant penalties for the entity and its director(s).


LowLands Accounting Services support 

For clients not making use of our full outsourced accounting services we offer a range of options for involving our tax consultants in the process of tax reporting and communications with tax authorities. The scope of our services can include, but is not limited to:

  • Outsourcing of tax calculations and tax filings

  • Review of quarterly and annual tax filings

  • Assisting at tax inspections by state authorities

  • Preparing and providing clarifications on tax returns to the tax authorities

  • Reconciling calculations of taxes with the tax authorities

  • Tax support during liquidation or reorganization

  • Support the preparation and filing of personal (income) tax declarations


Tax Reporting & Compliance

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