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LowLands Accounting Services is established and owned by Lodewijk Schlingemann and Walter van Dijk. Both business partners of Dutch origin have been living and working in Russia since late 90's. Their backgrounds are in legal and finance, arriving to Moscow as expats for foreign companies and over time turning into local entrepreneurs running their own businesses. As their businesses grew closer, LowLands Accounting Russia was established in 2012 to merge the accounting services that had already existed in both partners' individual businesses for several years.

Krasnoproletarskaya ul. 16/1

Entrance 3, 4th floor

T: +7 495 989 54 84

E: info@lowlands.ru

LowLands Moscow

Nevsky Prospekt 30

3rd floor, office 3.12

T: +7 812 374 65 70

E: info@lowlands.ru

LowLands St. Petersburg


LowLands is an independent member of BOKS International, a global alliance of top professionals and expert firms with quality assured member firms around the world. www.boks-international.com

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